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Milano | Magenta

Barberino’s – Corso Magenta 10

Corso Magenta 10 represents the ideal location for Barberino’s and its philosophy. Discretion, elegance, understatement, in Corso Magenta each street, each courtyard brings you to a parallel dimension. And Barberino’s represents no exception. Crossing the entrance of Barberino’s 18th century building means surrendering to a sense of intimacy and stillness, the essential elements of the shaving ritual (hair, beard or moustache) Inside the barber shop you are surrounded by Barberino’s tone of green, inspired by the 19th century mosaics adorning boudoirs in European luxury hotels, and studied to inspire tranquillity, elegance and care.

Opening hours

from 10:00 am to 20:00 pm


Corso Magenta 10

Telefono: +390283439447


How to get there

M1-M2 line, Cadorna stop
Tram 16|19 Via Meravigli stop