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In the most authentic and exclusive street of Milan, Barberino’s – Classic Italian Barber recreates the timeless atmosphere of an Italian Barber Shop of the early 20th century. At 10 Corso Magenta Barberino’s – Classic Italian Barber represents a lavish heaven for those gentlemen who want to relax while spending valuable time for themselves, experiencing the most classic and timeless grooming rituals. Crossing the entrance of the 18th century building means entering in a world of peace and intimacy, a parallel dimension where to forget about everything and focus only on yourself. The boutique’s interior is characterized by the Barberino’s green colour, inspired to the luxury mosaics of early 20th century European luxury hotels and studied to inspire peace and timeless elegance. Every facet of the decor, from the shell-shaped handles to the ceramic faucets, will allow you to relive the atmosphere of a real Italian style ancient barber shop, where time makes no sense anymore.


The “Barberino’s” name hides a precious heritage: in 1910 Giovanni, a young Italian gentleman, left his small Italian village towards United States, where he started working as a barber. His impeccable style and his young look made him famous within Boston’s international community with the name “Barberino”. Today, in honour of that stylish and charismatic Italian the same style, quality and attention to detail are proposed again at Barberino’s – Classic Italian Barber.

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Barberino’s – Classic Italian Barber recalls the Italian tradition of barbershop as it used to be. Furthermore it takes up the tradition of Made in Italy using and selling exclusively its own products, entirely designed, developed and packaged in Italy by an expert group of artisans, chemists and designers that represent the ultimate Italian excellence. The cosmetics are characterized by high performance formulas enriched with the most advanced active ingredients (such as plant stem cells) that are extracted exclusively from natural sources. The accessories are entirely handmade using the most precious natural materials, such as horn or wengé wood, according to the most elegant Italian design principles.

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Barberino’s Barber School

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